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Chapter 1: Aspire for a Marriage that Lasts
In this chapter, you will:
Understand and acknowledge the changes and adjustments needed, in values, knowledge
and behaviour
Understand that a good marriage is a wonderful experience, a bliss built on the pillars of
love and blessings via S.M.A.RT Principle
Identify your own Values and Vision for the marriage

Chapter 2: Build a Collaborative Marriage
In this chapter, you will:
Be more aware of the varied roles and responsibilities that each and both couples will be playing, executing and managing in the marriage
Better understand and appreciate each other’s roles in marriage
Learn skills needed to face these challenges
Managing Communication
Resolving Conflict
Discuss the values of “Rahmah”, “Ihsan”, and “Redha” that are essential in building a collaborative marriage

Chapter 3: Accept and Fulfil Marital Responsibilities
In this chapter, you will:
Understand Nafkah (Nafaqah- maintenance) in Islam and Muslim marriage
Acquire knowledge of how to manage finances together as a couple

Chapter 4: Demonstrate Love, Passion & Intimacy
In this chapter, you will:
Understand the exclusivity and mutuality of sex and intimacy, given the guidelines that
Islam provides
Discuss important factors to consider in starting a family
Discuss ways in strengthening emotional bond with partner
Understand the role of sex and intimacy in the context of family life, across the
different phases of marriage

Chapter 5: Invest in Building Supportive Relationships
In this chapter, you will get to discover the following:
Fitting your in-laws in your marriage
Ways to save your marriage if things get too hot to handle
Tips on sustaining your marriage

May Allah swt ease our efforts and grant success for all, in this world and the Hereafter.
Welcome to a learning journey.
Looking forward to meeting you!! 


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