Marriage Preparation Courses

Live Online / One Day /

Two Days / Special Private

All courses are suitable
For Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM)

Crash Course & Special Session are also suitable for
ROM (civil) solemnization

Why attend this course at BDMI?
Before you register for the solemnization 
or meet your Kadi or Solemnizer, 
prepare yourselves and show that you can
take responsibility for the success of your marriage.
BDMI offers an in-depth skill tools in an adult/couple interactive style
respecting cultural and religious boundaries.
Be Inspired to Tranquility in Family Life.
Included is an extra module on Akad Nikah (ROMM) in Singapore.


Group Crash Course

Suitable for Adult Self-Directed Learning


Effective for NEW Registration
from 7th October 2020
Group Normal S$300/- per couple
Online PROMO : 
S$ 197/- per couple

Start Right Stay Strong module
Akad Nikah & Islamic perspectives
Prepare & Enrich Couple Exercise worth $150
2 Notes & Certificates
1hour Private Session (optional)
Total of 5-6 hours course / 1 Day

November 21st, Sat

2.  CINTA ABADI Module

Effective for NEW Registration
from 7th October 2020

E- Notes
Group e-Live Online session
Hard copy certificates
Minimum 8 couples per class

Group Normal S$300/- per couple
Online PROMO : 
S$ 220/- per couple

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2 Days : 10 am to 4 pm

Year 2020

TO REGISTER, Click next to date

October 31 & November 1
(Sat & Sun) Click Here

November 14 & 15
(Sat & Sun) Click Here

November 22 & 29
(Sundays) Click Here

December 5 & 12
(Saturdays) Click Here

Year 2021
To Register, PM to 91880610

January 24 & 31

January 30 & 31
(Sat & Sun)

February 21 & 28

February 27 & 28
(Sat & Sun)

March 21 & 28

March 27 & 28
(Sat & Sun)

3. Special Request 

One Couple Only

Week Day Only

3a. Digital session

$350/per couple


online Prepare Enrich couple exercise

+ 4
 hours course, 2 texts and certificates

3b. Face to Face
Onsite Private Session

$457/- per couple

(subject to availability)
# For busy professionals, 
we can do a private course
at a Venue convenient to you
Or at our office Or our choice venue



+ 4 hours course, texts, certificates

and light refreshment


Kampung Ubi CC

Tampines /Chevron
                        (Boon Lay)

FB :
BDMI Marriage Course for ROMM

: Zarina | Marriage & Family 


Strictly for all must be above
21 years old,
first marriage and no children.

If groom-to-be is below age 25, also explore this course below:

For Long Term Pass application

please check with ICA if you
qualify to attend any marriage
courses or by special vendor.

No refund is allowed
    if you attend the wrong course.
This first 2 sessions -
Casual conversations that stirred up emotions and memories and lessons learnt. Hangat beb!
More to come!! Im excited! I.A

ذَٰلِكَ ٱلۡفَضۡلُ مِنَ ٱللَّهِۚ
 وَكَفَىٰ بِٱللَّهِ عَلِيمٗا 

Such is the bounty from Allah: And sufficient is it that Allah knoweth all. 
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