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for Married Couples

One Couple

Depending on availability : 

online / on site


* Notes & Certificates
* 2 hours contact time
** Online Prepare Enrich exercise
* 3 hours online support over 3 months

S$450/- per couple
(worth $1200)

Couples may also attend a free

group session on selected topics 

after the private session.

Value for Your Time!


The only workshop that offers interactive
Islamic Munakahat content with coaching 
using skills building exercises.
Who is suitable for this course?
** Mature Busy Professionals
** Self Directed Learner Couples
** Long Distance Relationships
** ROM & ROMM Solemnizations
It offers you the renowned 
1) Prepare & Enrich** assessment;
an evident based tool
ie tested to be close to accurate.
The course includes
Downloadable Reports &
2) Trainer Live Video Consultation
(optional, by appointment)
3) Start Right Stay Strong Key Content 
AkadNikah,  Relationships,
Sex&Intimacy, $FamilyFinance
& Family Life & Parenting

**Prepare & Enrich measures couple's
strength and growth area in areas of
communication, conflict resolution, gender roles,
intimacy, finance and couple/family scales.
This inventory is widely used in Singapore and the world. 
Over 200,000 couple have gained benefit from this exercise.