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Our Story

EMAS Finax provides an educational platform for the promotion of tools to hedge against inflation and an affordable means for the layman. It aims to encourage the inclusion of relevant knowledge, skill and various asset portfolio of every individual.

Initiated in 2006, its founders from Bio Dew Management International & Institute (BDMI), Singapore, created EMAS Finax as a financial consultancy arm which works with various partners in any part of the world.

BDMI partners Bulan Bahasa 2019 and 2020 to promote Malay financial vocabulary literacy to the community. For 2020, BDMI aims to promote this literacy to families via live e-platform.
With Raikan Ilmu of MENDAKI, BDMI runs financial literacy games for families and adults. For 2020, BDMI also run the Family Resilience workshops.
To contact us, call or whatsapp +6591880610 or email enquiry@bdmi.sg