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 Abu Bakar & Ustazah Zarina Begam
BDMI Founders, Marriage & Family Life Educators, Trainers & Mentors 
with more than 30 years of experience 
& thousands of participants.
Certified practitioner for multiple inventories namely:
    12 Conversations' by Dr Edward A Gray, 

Prepare & Enrich, 

Triple P (Positive Parenting Prog)
Marriage L.I.N.K.S & Home Runs by Dr John Van Epp, 
R3 Factor of Great Relationships by Tina Konkin
Collaborative Marriage Skills By Sherod Miller & Phyllis Miller
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for Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM)
      2017:  Thursday ~ 14 Dec at SMCCI no.15 Jalan Pinang, opposite Sultan Mosq
                              2017 ~ Dec 1 Day course REGISTRATION, CLICK HERE

      2018:  Saturday ~ 13 Jan, 10 Feb, 10 Mar, 14 Apr, 12 May, 23 Jun
                OR  Thursday ~ 11 Jan, 8 Feb, 8 Mar   

                   2018 ~ 1 Day Course REGISTRATION CLICK HERE
SMCCI no.15 Jalan Pinang, opposite Sultan Mosq
Agrobazaar Restaurant @ Sultan Gate
  • Private 1-Day weekday course is available by making an
    appointment (terms & conditions apply)

For Enquiry:   +65 6685-8204     WA +65 9025-2640

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